Assessing Risk Tolerance in Talent

November / 2020

How do you assess risk as you approach different opportunities in life? Does it change as you grow older?

There is no denying that risk is a critical factor in the decision making process as we assess new (job) opportunities throughout our careers.

There are numerous factors that go into assessing risk and they are different for everyone – age, family, financial health, and naturally, whether you view risk in a positive or negative light.

For most, risk tolerance is much like a retirement portfolio – you start out with an aggressive approach and naturally steer the investment portfolio toward a conservative nature as you grow older.

Some may view switching roles from one industry to another as too great of a risk. And that is okay!

For others, especially those that continually view the upside of risk, risk tolerance is like a sliding scale that continually fluctuates between aggressive and conservative throughout life.