The Talent War

Readership in Leadership

By: Fran Racioppi

Leadership is dynamic and ever changing. Different points in a company’s lifecycle and different stressors on an organization will require different types of leadership. Leaders must therefore constantly iterate to make ourselves better.

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The 6 Things Talented People Look for in a Company

By: Dr. Josh Cotton, George Randle, & Mike Sarraille

Many companies have a fundamental misunderstanding of what talented people truly want. They offer competitive salaries and wonderful creature comforts—high-end espresso machines, fully stocked kitchens, pool tables, and more—yet still hemorrhage talent.

Attracting talent requires knowing what talented people want. Here are six of the most important things that talented people are looking for in a company.

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Admiring Choices

By: Shane Walsh

Intelligence, by and large, is simply a matter of genetics. In that sense, admiring someone for being intelligent is like admiring them for being tall! They were born with that genetic makeup. Is something that is largely the result of luck truly worthy of your admiration?

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Tell Me What a Leader Is

By: Dan Bradley

Leadership is often viewed with an almost poetic beauty or as idyllic heroism. Everybody wants to be a leader, and everybody wants to HIRE a leader, but if you struggle to define leadership, how do you know that you are a leader?

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Hire for What You Can’t Teach

By: Dr. Josh Cotton, George Randle, and Mike Sarraille

The most successful talent acquisition programs are founded on the strategy of hiring for what you can’t teach. You can teach a candidate the needed hard skills. You can’t teach the raw ingredients of talent.

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