The Talent War

Former U.S. Military/Special Ops Personnel Join Overactive Media Staff

OverActive Media (OAM) announced today the hiring of two former U.S. military/special operations personnel. Pat Sauer and Tom Hall join the growing Canadian esports organization and will work with OAM-owned teams, including the @TorontoDefiant and Splyce in an effort to gain a mental and competitive edge during their respective seasons. OAM worked with Echelon Front Overwatch (EF Overwatch), Jocko Willink’s recruitment company, on both hires.

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From ESPN: Splyce Brings in Ex-Military Members to Mentor Players

By the time he was 14, Patrick Sauer knew he wanted to be a Marine. His father, an active duty Marine himself, set Sauer on that course. His son was born on Oct. 23, 1983, but Sauer didn’t realize the significance of his birthday as a child. When he got a bit older, Sauer’s father told him that his birthday was the same day that a suicide bomber killed 307 American and French soldiers in a barracks bombing in Beirut, Lebanon.

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Mike Sarraille on Beyond the Uniform

Mike started EF Overwatch as part of Jocko Willink’s Echelon Front. We talk about the Veteran Transition Map, and the importance of one’s self-assessment about strengths and weaknesses. We talk about the one thing that Mike would encourage Veterans to leave behind in the military, and why this one thing is such a risk. What it’s like starting two organizations and why Mike thinks Veterans should definitely start a for-profit company over a non-profit company. We talk about Extreme Ownership – and why this mindset is revolutionizing the business world.

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