Effectively Managing Client Expectations

November / 2020

Does your organization deviate from proven hiring practices during times of crisis or growth?

When you put an artificial timeline on finding talent, you’ve already compromised the process.

It is critical that HR or talent search consultants manage expectations for their colleagues or clients regarding the hiring process. Once you have a proven hiring process, don’t deviate. Follow the process to give your organization the highest probability of success with each hire.

The Special Operations Community follows what is referred to as the ‘Five Special Operations Forces Truths,’ what the business world often refers to as Core Values.

The third truth is ‘Special Operations Forces cannot be mass-produced’ – it takes years to train operational units to the level of proficiency needed to accomplish difficult and specialized SOF missions.

Intense training’ – both in SOF schools and units – is required to integrate competent individuals into fully capable units.

This process cannot be hastened without degrading ultimate capability. When you hasten the talent search and hiring process – you degrade the ultimate capability of the organization.