Hiring With A Talent Mindset

November / 2020

Most companies don’t operate with a Talent Mindset and it’s easy to see and observe –

– Reactionary hiring – driven purely by openings

– Not planned or prioritized – Created from thin air as a response to growth, or attrition, or a newly discovered project

– Lines and lines of “objective requirements” – let’s play a game of “how fast can we make a match?”

I get it. Hiring managers don’t want to LOSE their “authorized headcount” so, getting a “butt in a seat” is the default.

And each time I see this I KNOW we haven’t defined success for the role, I KNOW we have not evaluated for the character – we moved quickly, filled a seat, it was cheap, quick, and easy.

I wonder if that’s really how you want your product or service depicted – in the same manner, you select talent.