Mediocre Talent Hires Mediocre Talent

November / 2020

Do you have your A-players up front representing the company and leading the hiring process?

If no, you losing the Talent War.

A-players select A-players. B-Players select C-Players.

This is a critical component of the Special Operations assessment and selection process.

They select their very best to select the next generation of young leaders in the organization.

A-players have the ability to check their egos and give credit where it is due.

They can look at a young candidate and recognize that candidate could have more potential then they do.

Additionally, when prospective employees see A-players representing the company, leaders they admire and strive to be like, then you create a talent magnet.

If you put B and C-players in charge of hiring don’t be surprised by the result. They select out of fear of being outshined or losing their job. If B-player can’t even do the job well, how do they know what to look for in potential candidates?