The Difference Two Weeks Can Make

November / 2020

Things rushed are rarely done well, but one of the most common metrics Talent Acquisition, Staffing or Recruiting teams are measured by is “Time to Fill” – look I get efficiency – who doesn’t?

But don’t feed the “fear-based hiring” beast – taking the right and necessary amount of time is critical when selecting talent.

One thing we stress is in “The Talent War” is that “Special Operations Forces can’t be mass-produced” so even in times of emergency, the process isn’t rushed to produce operators.

In my experience, the thing that has a disproportionate impact on time is “defining success”.

When you don’t do this upfront when you don’t define what talent is, looks like and which key attributes are needed — everyone is looking for something different — the process drags on, and then it accelerates to just “fill the role”.