The Right Ingredients For A Talent Mindset

November / 2020

Is your HR function administrative?

Compliance focused, comp, and benefits-focused?

Or is it strategic?

Do you even know what it is?

For most, HR is something that “just happens” – its payroll, its benefits, its employee issues or time off or leave requests…or the dreaded list keeper for completed performance reviews.

A Talent Mindset really begins with 2 things in mind:

– That TALENT is your most competitive advantage

– You should treat Human Capital with the same rigor and focus you treat Financial Capital

Whether it’s your team delivering customer success or developing a new product or fix for something, you want to be getting the best out of that team. Companies are an ecosystem, much like the military, and we value everyone who plays a part in helping accomplish the mission.

So, are you undervaluing HR?

Or are they joined at the hip with you to adopt a talent mindset and driving that one competitive advantage? PEOPLE