The Whole Man Concept

November / 2020

In the US military, the “Whole Man” concept is used to design personnel screening processes and remind evaluators (the hiring manager) … that hiring and promotion decisions need to be based on everything the person is, not just one or two metrics, such as degrees earned or years of experience.

The “Whole Man” concept is a strong belief that individuals need to be assessed based on the entirety of their person—primarily mental (IQ and Capacity), physical, and emotional (EQ).

Seeking to evaluate candidates across desired attributes, as required for the job, in combination with a measure of IQ and EQ is a method the military calls the “Whole Man” concept, as this method was designed to evaluate the entirety of an individual—mental, physical, and emotional.

Although some form of this has always existed, evaluating candidates based on the Whole Man concept is now formally common practice throughout Special Operations.