Using Feedback To Build Loyalty

November / 2020

Do eliminated job candidates walk away from your company’s hiring process and say, ‘Wow, that is a great company!’?

If you’re not taking the time to provide feedback to eliminated candidates, you are losing out on creating a future pool of talent AND the ability to gain feedback from the candidate(s) regarding your interview process.

Special Operations school houses (and great organizations) take the time to sit down with candidates dropped from the training to help them learn from the experience and gather feedback from them to hone the assessment and selection process.

Two amazing things happen:

1) Many of those candidates return to try out again and make it through the training and

2) Candidates walk away with a positive and professional experience.

Show a great deal of respect and care for job candidates, whether selected into your organization or not, and your brand will grow along with the quality of talent attracted to your company.